Needs Assessment

We’re serious about our commitment to developing goalies everywhere. That’s why we offer a free needs assessment to help you strengthen your program. Our expert goalie coaches will observe one practice session and meet with both your program directors, coaches, and goalies to gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and needs. Our assessment report will include insights and recommendations into knowledge and skills gaps for coaches and players, and best-fit training programs to address these needs.

Goalie Development Programs

No goalie coach, no problem. We’ll give you one of ours! We know that successful goalies contribute to healthier teams, which in turn builds stronger programs. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the time or resources to provide the level of training their goalies require. Our Goalie Development Program delivers consistent, high-quality training that improves the skills of your goalies and helps you retain top talent, while simultaneously attracting new talent to the organization. Programs are available both in-person and virtually.

Coaching Clinics

Invest in your coaches so they can invest in their players.  Field coaches often have a deep desire to support their goalies, but don’t know how.  Let us show them.  Our goalie-centered coaching clinics are designed to teach your coaches the most critical skills, drills, and concepts needed to elevate their goalie’s training.  Our unique approach ensures your coaches have the confidence and knowledge they need to directly apply their learning the minute they walk onto the field.  We offer options for both live and virtual clinics, and you can select from one of our defined programs or request that we customize one to fit the specific needs of your program. Clinics are available both in-person and virtually.

Goalie Clinics

Maximize every minute while enhancing your goalie training. As coaches, we know there’s never enough practice time. That’s why we offer single, multi-session, and seasonal clinics designed exclusively for your program. Our expert goalie coaches will collaborate with your staff to design a clinic plan focused on your program’s most pressing training needs. Then we deliver the training on a schedule of your choosing. Clinics are available both in-person and virtually.

Tryouts/Team Selection Assistance​

Great teams need great goalies. We understand how critical it is to place the right players in the right places, and an experienced goalie can make all the difference.  Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge, it can be challenging to decide which goalies have the most talent. That’s why we offer assistance to teams. Our expert goalie coaches will observe your tryouts and provide critical feedback on each goalie to help you make the best selection for your team. Assistance available both in-person and virtually.