Coach the Coach Clinic

Motivated to support your goalies but don’t know how? We know coaches are passionate about teaching all of their players, including their goalies. We also know it can be challenging, if not overwhelming, to provide the right level of support without sufficient knowledge and resources. Our Coach the Coach clinic, offered both in-person and virtually, helps you better integrate your goalies into your full practice plan by teaching you the most critical skills, drills, and concepts needed to elevate your goalie training. Best of all, we accelerate your learning by showing you how to tailor your existing training strategies to the unique needs of your goalies. This approach ensures you can directly apply your learning the minute you walk onto the field.

Warming Up Your Goalie Clinic

Great warm-ups fuel great performances! Inadequate warm-ups can leave your goalie, and in turn your team, trailing behind come game-time. But what makes for a powerful warmup? In our experience, most coaches and players are unfamiliar with the answer. Our uniquely designed clinic, offered both in-person and virtually, is open to both coaches and goalies to provide everyone with the information needed to execute an effective warm-up. The result – goalies who are physically and mentally ready to take the field. Come learn the do’s and don’ts when gearing up for game-time!

Private Lessons

The game never stops evolving, so why should we? Each season deepens our knowledge as coaches and presents us with new challenges and learnings. Our unique journeys as coaches require unique approaches to professional development. We offer 1-on-1 private training lessons focused on delivering personal value to help you achieve your coaching goals. How do we do this? We start with a personalized coaching needs assessment to isolate your exact training needs and customize each session to hyper-focus on only those areas you want to improve.  Lessons are available both in-person and virtually.